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How to cure erectile dysfunction (ED)

How to cure erectile dysfunction (ED)

Finding Out More About Curing Erectile Dysfunction

Many men suffer with erectile dysfunction, ED. The man with ED may be worried or embarrassed about discussing his problem with impotence with his spouse or girlfriend. He might also be embarrassed to talk about it with his doctor. ED is a condition that causes sexual dysfunction due to the penis not maintaining an erection.

Some men experience ED due to other medical conditions. These causes can include diabetes and heart disease. Some men deal with ED because of hormonal issue like hypogonadism. Medications can bring about side effects that can lead to ED as well. Men undergoing surgical procedures like prostatectomy can experience levels of trauma that cause ED also.

A man is able to have an erection when brain signals cause spongy areas inside the penis to fill up with blood. However, for lots of men, psychological reasons are the cause of their troubles with getting and maintaining an erection. Many men have low self-esteem that creates thoughts that can interrupt an erection. Bear in mind the brain is responsible for the signals that send blood to the penis. Some thoughts can interrupt these signals when they interfere with thoughts of sexual arousal. Many men feel an in adequacy that causes the physical symptoms like ED. The sad aspect of psychologically fueled ED is the effect it can have on a man’s life and relationships. However, the good news is there is help and men can beat ED that is caused by their self-image.

Medical professionals treat patients suffering with ED in various ways. One of the most popular today is with the drug sildenafil, also known as Viagra. Sildenafil is a PDE5 inhibitor. However, many men can enjoy positive treatment through injections placed in the penis or with urethra prostaglandin medication. Other treatment options include penis pumps and surgery aimed at reconstructing the vascular parts of the penis. Due to the blood flow that is necessary for an erection to occur, researchers and medical professionals feel that ant type of interference with blood flow and circulation can cause ED.

Libido is sexual desire and when it is interrupted, medical experts feel the interruption also causes ED. One of the greatest emotional issues that can interfere with a man’s libido is depression. Depression and anxiety can interfere with the brain signals that cause the blood flow to the penis. Hormonal changes in the male body can also interrupt libido.

How Sexual Arousal Creates An Erection And Orgasm In Men


When a man is physically or mentally aroused, the brain send signals to the penis to increase blood flow. When blood fills the corpora, spongy tissue in the penis, an erection starts. During this stage of an erection, the skin surrounding the testicles gets tighter, causing the testicles to draw inwards to the body. When the penis is not in the stages of an erection, the skin remains loose. The loose skin allows room for the collection of blood during the first stages of arousal. A man can get an erection in two ways. One is through physical stimulation of the penis, also referred to as a reflex erection, and another is through emotion or mental stimuli. For either kind of arousal to create an erection, a man must have a healthy pituitary gland and his testes must be able to produce enough of the male hormone testosterone. During physical stimulation, an erection requires the lower spine and peripheral nerves while mental stimulation involves the brain and the limbic system.

Reaching A Plateau

As blood fills the penis, its color deepens and the glans, the head of the penis, begins to grow larger. During this stage, the testicles can become up to fifty percent larger as well. During a normal erection, warm sensations occur in the perineum, blood pressure rises and heart rates increases. The perineum is the area that is between the anus and testicles. Nitric oxide, NO, is released during the stimulation of the penile shaft. This stimulation is through the nervous system, this is the cause of NO secretion. The corpora cavernosa, the tissue in the penis primarily responsible for erections, relaxes when NO is secreted. The perineum is the area that is between the anus and testicles. Heightened breathing occurs and muscles tighten in the buttocks and thighs. During this stage, an orgasm is not far off.

Ejaculation And Orgasms

Muscle contractions are responsible for semen being forced through the urethra during an orgasm. Sperm is carried from the testicles through the vas deferens tube by these muscles contractions as well. Fluid in sperm is also carried from the prostate gland and seminal vesicles during these muscle contractions, some being in the prostate gland. The fluid and sperm mixture is semen. Once muscle contractions have gotten to a certain point, a man cannot stop them or ejaculation.


Immediately after an orgasm, the testicles and penis shrink. Heart rate and respiration begins to return to normal as well. Sweating is generally occurring at this time as well. The time period between orgasms differs from man to man. For some men, getting another erection and reaching orgasm within minutes after one is complete is possible. However, as men ages, this time period becomes longer and longer. If ejaculation does not occur after arousal, a man may feel aching pain in the pelvis area and in the testicles. The recovery stage could also take longer as well.

Several causes of ED can be related to other medical conditions. Deficiencies in hormones, neural disorders, psychological issues and poor blood supply to the penis are some of the causes of ED. Researchers have found that impaired endothelial function can contribute to ED due to the stress it places on healthy blood flow through vessels. Bear in mind the importance of blood flow to the penis for a healthy erection is great. Men suffering with heart disease are at greater risk for ED due to the restrictions occurring in circulation caused by improper endothelial cell function. Research has shown that over exposure to bright lights can also cause impaired functioning of endothelial cells.

Symptoms Of Erectile Dysfunction

The inability to maintain or achieve an erection is the greatest symptom of erectile dysfunction.

  • For some men, erections occur while they are sleeping, suggesting that the physical aspects of their penis are working. However, many of these men suffer with erection issues while awake, thus bringing researchers to believe these men suffer with psychological issues that are responsible for their erection problems.

  • Diabetes can cause ED due to the neuropathy created by the disease.

Looking At ED Causes

Many factors contribute to a healthy erection. Blood flow and vessels, brain activity, emotions, muscle contractions and relaxation, hormonal activity and the nervous system are all contributing factors. However, some conditions can cause any of these factors to become compromised and thus lead to problems with obtaining and/or maintaining an erection. One example is how the anxiety from a small physical issue can cause emotional stress that would contribute to problems with an erection due to worrying about the physical problem.

ED And Physical Causes

Four medical problems are common causes of ED:

  • Anatomical issues that compromise the physical condition of the penis

  • Conditions causing hormonal deficiencies and imbalances

  • Any type of neurogenic issue involving the brain, spinal cord and nerves can affect the function of the penis

  • Circulation and vascular problems that interfere with blood flow to the penis

Circulation and Vascular Conditions That Contribute to ED

Cardiovascular disease is a common cause of ED. In fact, most doctors explore the possibility of heart problems when patients are diagnosed with ED. Cardiovascular disease causes poor circulation due to hardening in the arteries, a condition called atherosclerosis. Another condition that causes circulation issues is high blood pressure. Diabetes can also compromise blood supply because of the neuropathy it causes. The nerve endings in the penis can become damaged due to the effects of diabetic neuropathy.

ED And Neurogenic Issues

Conditions that affect brain, muscle and nerve functioning can also contribute to ED. Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis cause troubles with muscle movement and balance. Parkinson’s disease can cause sufferers to have trouble writing or talking as well. Men that sustain injury to the spinal cord can also suffer ED. A stroke is the result of blood supply to the brain being interrupted. Strokes can contribute to ED as well due to blood supply interference.

Hormone And ED

Hormones are important regulators of many functions in the male body, including the ability to obtain and maintain an erection. Conditions like hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism can contribute to ED. Hypothyroidism causes low levels of thyroid hormone while hyperthyroidism causes an overproduction of thyroid hormones. Hypogonadism describes the abnormal production of testosterone, an important male sex hormone. The hormone cortisol can be interrupted by the occurrence of Cushing’s syndrome, also leading to ED.

Some conditions involving the tissue of the penis can also create conditions perfect for ED. Peyronie’s disease is considered an anatomical condition that can contribute to ED. Sufferers of Dupuytren’s contracture connective tissue disorders are at greater risk for Peyronie’s disease, meaning these same men are also at greater risk for ED.

Some Medications Can Cause ED

Several medications can help to cause ED. bear in mind that not every man suffers from this particular side effects when taking these medications. Every man is different and experiences medicinal side effects in various levels. Some medications that have been known to cause symptoms of ED include:

Corticosteroids: Steroidal medications contain synthetic hormones that can cause ED as a side effect.

H2-Antagonists: Used to treat digestive disorders like acid reflux and stomach ulcers.

Anti-hypertensive Drugs (beta-blockers): Used to treat high blood pressure.

Anti-androgens: Drugs used in the suppression of male sex hormones, androgens.

Anti-depressants: Medications used in the treatment of depression. Depression also contributes to ED.

Anti-psychotics: Medications used to treat mental illness like schizophrenia.

Fibrate drugs: Used to reduce levels of cholesterol.

Antihistamines: Medications for allergies like hay fever.

Diuretics: Used to promote greater urine output. Some diuretics are also given to patients for hypertension, kidney disease and heart failure.

Cytotoxics: Drugs given to patients undergoing chemotherapy for the prevention cancer cell division and growth.

Anti-convulsants: Medications given to people suffering with seizures.

You can talk to your health care provider about your medication if you feel it may be the reason you are suffering with ED symptoms. Many medications can be given as a substitute for other ones. However, keep in mind that stopping some medications abruptly can be harmful, so discussing any changes in the medicine you take on a daily basis is extremely important.

ED Causes Related To Psychological Issues

Depression and anxiety have been linked to the occurrence of ED and for good reason. A man that is worried or is experiencing severe, deep sadness may not have the focus necessary for getting an erection. In some cases, men experiencing high levels of anxiety and depression can obtain an erection but have trouble maintaining it. Whether it is fears about your relationship or about your job, the result is the same when it creates anxiousness and depression.

For many men suffering from a medical condition that causes ED symptoms, ED can become worse due to the fear and anxiety about having trouble getting an erection, thus increasing the effects of ED. Diseases like diabetes or heart trouble can cause you to feel inadequate due to having a hard time getting an erection, causing anxiety that makes it worse.

Emotions Problems That Can Cause ED

  • Sexual issues you may have experienced in the past

  • Feeling as though you are sexually inexperienced

  • problems between you and your partner; you may feel as though you cannot discuss your sexual problems with your partner

  • You may have troubling memories of being sexually abused

  • You might feel nervous being in a new relationship

Trepidation About Discussing ED With Your Doctor

Most men experience anxiety about their need to talk to a health care professional about their problems with erections. However, the important thing to remember is your problem getting an erection or keeping one could be a warning sign of a more serious underlying condition. In many cases, the treatment of an underlying condition like heart disease or diabetes can erase the symptoms of ED. In the event disease treatment does not stop ED symptoms, your physician may be able to provide other options like specific medications or therapy that will work.

ED Can Be A Side Effect Of Aging

The functions in your body naturally sow down as you grow older. The same is also true about the physical process that takes place for you to obtain an erection. Research shows that men in their sixties experience ED four times more than men in their forties.

Rare Cause Of ED

Some men have experienced ED symptoms due to drinking contaminated well water. In these cases, the well water was found to contain arsenic, causing poisoning that could result in potassium channels in the body being compromised.

Natural Anti-Diabetic Plant Extract

In India, the curry leaf tree is showing great promise for diabetics. Studies show curry leaf extracts limit a pancreatic digestive enzyme, alpha amylase, RDP. RDP is responsible for converting starches to glucose. In diabetes, the body lacks the ability to produce enough insulin for the regulation of blood sugars. By blocking RDP, the conversion of starches to glucose is slowed down, thus promoting a greater blood glucose balance. Research is being done to find out more about the ingredients in curry leaf and about which one produces RDP inhibition.

Your Habits And Lifestyle

Smoking tobacco increases your risk for several serious diseases like cancer and heart disease. The fact that a healthy blood flow is necessary for an erection to occur means you need to avoid habits that compromise your heart. Smoking increases artery narrowing that promotes the occurrence of heart disease and ED.

Surgical Complications

Treatments for prostate cancer many times involve surgery. For many men, these procedures also bring about ED due to damage to nerves and blood supply. Even the procedure that used an external radiation beam to treat prostate cancer can cause ED. You should know the prostate gland does not play a role in you getting or maintaining an erection.

Studies and research surrounding bicyclists have found a great occurrence of iliac artery compression that contributes to ED. Arterial compression causes vascular and neurological effects that compromise the blood flow, thus leading to ED symptoms.

Many men suffering with symptoms of ED may not realize they could be doing so due to periodontal inflammation. Bad teeth and infected gums can lead to both heart and kidney disease. Heart disease is directly linked to ED because of its effect on blood circulation. Oral health plays a huge role in overall health.

The Possible Effects Of NSAIDS

Men that take NSAIDS, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, may be at greater risk for ED. Studies are being done to learn more about the effects of NSAIDS on men and if it positively contributes to ED. Keep in mind you must take these drugs at least three time daily for a time period over three months for any type of ED issue to occur.

Important Risk Factors To Consider

As you age, you may find that your erections are harder to obtain and take more direct stimulation for maintaining as well. While this is not the direct result of aging, it can be caused by declining health and the medications you may be taking daily. Health problems and the medications prescribed for them are more common in older men. Other factors can also cause ED:

  • Obesity

  • Nerve damage caused by injury

  • Alcohol and drug abuse, more so in men that have been using drugs a long time or have been drinking heavily for a long period of time


While blood tests can be done to learn about the presence of conditions like prolactinoma and hypogonadism, no official diagnostic test exists for ED. One reason for this is due to the fact so many medical conditions and risk factors can contribute to ED. Men suffering with obesity, ones that eat poor diets and/or suffer with cardiovascular conditions like peripheral vascular disease are greater candidates for ED than men that do not fall into these particular categories.

Many ED sufferers are able to have an erection, but only at certain times, like while they are sleeping. Medical professionals use this type of timing as a gauge to determine whether a man suffering with ED symptoms could be doing so due to physical or psychological reasons. Many men suffer with ED due to experiencing both psychological and physical reasons. If a psychological problem is the causes, an erection may never occur in a natural manner. Several mental issues have been cited as being the root cause of ED according to up to date listings for impotence.

Ultrasound Diagnostics, Duplex

Ultrasound technology is used to learn more about blood flow, atherosclerosis and venous leaks. Duplex ultrasound can also be used to learn more about the presence of calcification and/or scarring of tissue in the penis responsible for erections. Patients are injected with a prostaglandin, a substance that mimics hormone stimulators. After prostaglandin is injected, ultrasound is used to check and measure the blood pressure in the penis. During this time, vascular dilation in the penis is also measured and evaluated as well.

Evaluating Nerve Function In The Penis

Medical professionals can administer the bulbocavernosus reflex test for learning more about the nerve functioning in the penis. During this particular test, your physician will gently squeeze the glans of the penis ( also referred to as the head). This stimulation should cause an immediate anal contraction if nerve functioning is healthy. The time lapse between the actual penile stimulation and anal contraction is measured. Your physician will use a gloved finger to gauge the contractions of the sphincter muscle in the anus during this test.

Numbering Nocturnal Erections

Some men with ED do not experience a normal number of erections during their sleep. Many men may not realize they may have up to five erections at night during REM sleep. However, a man that does not have these erections could be suffering from damage to nerve function in their penis or loss of healthy blood supply. Physicians generally use a snap gauge and strain gauge for determining these factors related to nocturnal erections. However, you should know that lots of men that have trouble with ED also do not experience erections during their sleep.

Biothesiometry Testing

During biothesiometry, the sensitivity and nerve function in the penis is evaluated using electromagnetic vibrations. Electromagnetic vibrations are specific to the gland and shaft of the penis during this procedure.

Cavernosometry (Dynamic Fluid Infusion)

During this procedure, fluid is pumped into the penis for measuring vascular pressure inside the corpus cavernosum when an erection is occurring. Saline and a special dye are injected into the penis. The dye allows the fluid inside the corpus cavernosum to show up on X-rays. This procedure can show your physician if there are venous leaks that could be contributing to ED symptoms. If you undergo a digital subtraction angiography, the procedure produces digital imaging for the same type of injection.

How Magnetic Imaging Can Help

Using radio waves and magnetic fields, magnetic resonance angiography is an amazing technology that can produce detailed images of the blood vessels. While it is similar to traditional MRIs, this particular imaging procedure uses injected dye to highlight blood vessels and vascular tissue. This type of procedure provides physicians with a detailed view of vascular and vessels functioning that can be helpful during a diagnosis of ED causes.

Common Treatment Options

Your physician can help you make the best choices of treatment for your ED symptoms. Because cardiovascular disease is the most common cause of ED, you may be asked to make changes in your lifestyle and diet for reducing the risk and effects of heart problems. Learning more about the benefits and risk of your treatment options is important. In many cases, your partner may be asked to join these discussions for learning more about their role and preferences concerning your treatment.

Focusing on the cause of ED is generally the route most doctors take with treatment. In the case of cardiovascular causes like atherosclerosis, you may be asked to change your diet for losing weight or you could be given medication to help lower your cholesterol levels. In many cases, improvement in overall health can completely solve ED issues.

When taken correctly as directed, the drug sildenafil, more commonly known as Viagra, can help to manage ED. Some men have had successful results using vacuum pumps for the encouragement of erections as well. Vacuum pumps help to stimulate healthy blood flow to the penis.

Exercise Can Benefit ED Sufferers

Aerobic exercise has been found to work as a treatment for ED. For the man that does not respond to pharmaceutical drugs as treatment, vacuum pumps and exercise can help. Some pumps come with compression rings and some do not. You should know the pump designed with a compression is designed so the ring can help you to maintain an erection. Pumps without compression rings are generally used to lengthen the penis or to serve as an aid for masturbation. Some physicians recommend aids that are placed into the penis surgically for helping to dissolve ED symptoms. Many men opt for these methods in place of medications due to the side effect known as priapism occurring. Priapism is a condition that happens when the penis remains erect, painfully so, for hours or even days. Mechanical devices used to treat ED use hydraulic design and have been considered to be effective, but with some drawbacks. Talking to your doctor about the best option for you is important.

Medications Prescribed For ED

Inhibitors Of Type 5 Phosphodiesterase Enzymes

Drugs like sildenafil, tadalafil and vardenafil work by inhibiting PDE5, Type 5 Phosphodiesterase enzymes. Cyclic guanosine monophosphate, cGMP, accumulations promote the dilation of the corpus cavernosum. PDE5 causes cGMP degradation to occur, thus causing ED by compromising corpus cavernosum dilation.

Injectable And Topical Alprostadil

Used as a topical treatment for ED, alprostadil is chosen as a treatment before considering other more invasive options. However, another regimen is an option using alprostadil in injection therapy. Injections are given directly in the penis, in the base region or in the side. Fine needles are used, so pain is minimal. Erections from these injections usually last for around an hour. Phentolamine and papaverine are also used for these injections. Some men experience prolonged erections, bleeding at the site of injection and the development of scar tissue at the injection site.

Alprostadil suppositories that are inserted into the penis can help you to have an erection in about ten minutes that can last up to an hour. These kinds of suppositories are inserted using a specially designed applicator for the urethra of the penis. However, some men have experienced pain, the development of scar tissue in the urethra and light bleeding.

Lots of men enjoy erections due to testosterone replacement therapy. Low testosterone levels can cause ED, so hormonal replacement therapy is the best treatment. While men suffering with hypogonadism experience greater libido and fewer ED symptoms with testosterone therapy, many men must also take medications for an erection to take place.

Men aged forty and older generally are required to have examinations of the prostate and breast before starting testosterone replacement therapy. Most physicians also do blood tests for checking prostate specific antigens before starting hormonal therapies. Blood tests are done for making sure patients do not have cancer of the breast or prostate before testosterone therapy is administered.

Testosterone levels in blood lower than 250 ng/dl is considered by the medical community to be low. However, blood testosterone levels found to be higher than 350ng/dl are normal. Any level results between these two readings may be considered as indeterminate results.

Gonadal function can be compromised due to the side effects of drugs like opiate painkillers, anticonvulsants and oral steroids. Thiazide diuretics and some antipsychotic drugs have also been linked to low gonadal functioning as well.

If you are considering herbal or over the counter ED remedies, make certain you discuss these remedies with your physician before taking them. Some remedies, even those that are all natural, can have serious adverse effects if you:

  • Suffer with heart disease

  • Suffer with heart failure

  • Take nitrate medications for conditions like angina (nitroglycerin, isosorbide dinitrate and isosorbide mononitrate)

  • Have suffered a stroke

  • Experience low or high blood pressure

  • Diabetes that is unmanaged

  • Are presently prescribed blood thinners, medications for high blood pressure or medications for enlarged prostate like alpha blockers

Surgical Procedures For ED

When traditional treatments have failed, many men opt to have surgical implants. Artificial rods, inflatable or semi-rigid rods, designed as a penile prosthesis can be placed inside the penis for helping to obtain and maintain an erection. The benefit of implants is you can control your erection and how long it lasts. Implants do allow the penis to bend as well.

Surgical invention to repair blood vessels experiencing obstruction or leaking is an option for men experiencing ED due to these causes. However, blood vessel leaking and obstruction is a rare cause.

Pump Devices

Penis pumps work through the application of negative to increase blood levels in the penis. FDA approved pumps, also referred to as vacuum therapy devices, can prescribed to you by your physician. These devices can be used to obtain an erection right before you engage in sexual intercourse.

Penis pumps are designed as hollow tubes that you place over your penis before you have a sexual encounter. Some devices are battery powered while others are hand powered. Once the tube is in place, the air is removed from it, causing a vacuum effect that draws blood into the penis. When the penis is erect, you place a tension ring at the base to hold blood in. For many men, this aspect of using a device can be uncomfortable. However, you should know an erection obtained in this way can last long enough for a healthy sexual encounter. Some men experience bruising and notice ejaculation is not as strong. Your doctor can discuss with you options using a penis pump and if it is a treatment that is suitable for you. Bear in mind many of the pump devices you may find in magazines have been found to be unsafe.

Facts About Alternative Treatments For ED

Many natural, herbal remedies have been said to contain synthetic substances for increasing their effectiveness and for making them more comparable to prescription drugs prescribed for ED. FDA warnings state that many sexual enhancement remedies and products claiming to produce the same or greater results than prescription medications for ED may contain synthetic ingredients that could carry serious side effects for some men.

While more research and study is needed to prove their effectiveness and safety, many alternative treatment options are available for ED. Some popular alternative options for ED are:

  • Panax ginseng, also known as Korean red ginseng: Up to seven studies have revealed ginseng’s effectiveness for ED. The only side effect thus far is insomnia.

  • The semi-essential amino acid L-arginine: Do not take this amino acid supplement if you take any prescription drug for ED. L-arginine is taken in high doses for helping to increase blood flow to the penis. Some men have reported experiencing side effects like nausea, diarrhea and cramps.

  • Endogenous hormone known as DHEA, dehydroepiandrosterone. DHEA has been found to also improve female libido. Some people report acne as a side of DHEA.

Are Herbal ED Remedies Right For You?

Herbal preparations have been used in Africa, China and several other cultures for centuries as a treatment for ED. The only downside of many of the herbal remedies used for ED is they have not been clinically proven to be safe or effective. Prescription drugs like tadalafil, sildenafil and vardenafil that are given for ED have been proven to work and to be safe for consumption. Your doctor can discuss with you any potential side effects of prescription drug he or she prescribes for you to treat ED.

Useful Guide To Herbs And Other Substances Used For ED

Rhodiola Rosea: One study produced results that indicated 150mg to 200mg daily of rhodiola rosea to be effective for improving sexual dysfunction issues like ED.

Pistacia vera L-Pistachio

Pistachio nuts provide plant proteins and fibers that promote dietary good health. These delicious nuts also contain antioxidants necessary for immune system support. Because pistachio nuts are low in levels of saturated fats and high in levels of unsaturated fatty acids, researchers believe them to be a helpful measure to prevent cardiovascular issues. Due to ED being caused by cardiovascular issues that compromise the bioavailability of nitric oxide (essential for an erection to occur), the steps you can take to reduce cardiovascular disease is important. Including pistachio nuts in your diet can help to combat heart issues because of their excellent nutritional value.

Benefits Of Yohimbe

In men suffering with ED caused by antidepressants, yohimbe has been found to be helpful. However, this herbal ingredient has also been found to cause irregular heartbeat, anxiety and spikes in blood pressure. Always discuss with your physician the safety if taking yohimbe before doing so.

What About Ginkgo?

The herb ginkgo may help to promote blood to the penis, but there have been no official studies related to it. However, ginkgo could cause the risk to be greater for bleeding.

Epimedium-Horny Goat Weed

Epimedium( contains the active ingredient named ikariini) is the compound that gives horny goat weed its properties for blocking phosphodiesterase, much in the same way as many prescription drugs do so. However, human studies have not been conducted surrounding this herb. Chinese herbalists have used this herb for centuries for ED and for other ailments such as pain. Researchers believe that epimedium can possibly produce the same effects as drugs like sildenafil for ED. The Chinese believe that horny goat weed is a Yin Yang Huo herbal ingredient. Yin Yang Huo describes the balance of the Yin and Yang in thearial parts of the plant. Prescription drugs for ED like sildenafil carry uncomfortable side effects like headaches, skin flushing and more. Horny goat weed does produce these kinds of side effects. This herb is native to Asian and Chinese regions and is used today as an aphrodisiac remedy. Ikariini is thought to help attach SHGB enzymes and it helps to soothe smooth muscles in the body, including those located in the penis. These enzymes become greater in population in men over the age of forty five. The average dose is one to four teaspoons of dried horny goat leaves mixed into water for decoction. Drink this decoction every for two or three weeks. No contraindications have thus far been reported.

Wood Fertility, Muira Puama- Ptychopetalum

Natives in the South American Amazon refer to the Muira Puama as ‘wood fertility’ because of its benefits for sexual libido and ED, among other types of sexually related dysfunction. The roots and trunk of the muira puama have been found to have beneficial properties that can help to treat a variety of ailments in addition to those stemming from sexual dysfunction, acting as a pain reliever, sedative, antidepressant and gastrointestinal remedy. You should know another tree that is native to Brazil is confused with the South American Muira Puama. It is commonly called potency wood or mouira polka dots.

Herbal Aphrodiasics

In ancient times, some people believed, the great Aristotle being one of them, that mint tea produced aphrodisiac effects. Artichokes and asparagus have also been said to produce mild aphrodisiac effects as well. Cocoa, containing tryptophan, an essential amino acid, was thought by the ancients thought to be stimulating, thus leading them to also think it produced aphrodisiac effects. Hot peppers, due to effects of flushing they can produce, were also considered to be an aphrodisiac. Cumin, parsley, dill and arugula, being high in phytoestrogen content, were also considered to produce aphrodisiac effects. However, today, many of these foods are no longer considered to have any effect on sexual libido.

Mouira DOTS

South American and western researchers and scientists started looking into the reasons why mouira DOTS produced aphrodisiac effects starting in 1920. Many other trials and studies done since that time have produced results proving the plant does indeed have medical benefits due to containing phytosterols, essential oils and alkaloids. Several European countries use this herb as an effective combatant for sexual dysfunction, including ED. Boiling a teaspoon of the roots or dried crumbled trunk in a cup water for about fifteen minutes produces a beneficial drink. Most people drink one half to one cup daily for experiencing the most benefits. Herbal supplements in capsule form are also available as well. No side effects have been reported.

Lepidium Meyenii, Maca

A getable resembling the radish, maca is traditionally eaten in Peru and the Andean highlands due to its high nutritional value. The Incas believed maca gave them strength and stamina. Peruvian medical practitioners use dried maca root for reproductive and sexual issues. Peruvians also use this herbal remedy for immune system boosting, menopause and menstrual disorders and anemia. Some people believe maca to be good for depression as well. Chinese and Peruvian lab studies in the seventies and sixties involving mice showed positive results in greater sperm count and less time for obtaining an erection. You should know that scientific tests have not yet produced proof that maca is effective for infertility issues or ED. However, in one survey, over fifty men reported slight improvements in their sexual dysfunction when taking maca for a period of up to twelve weeks. During this twelve week study, the men taking maca also experienced mood improvement as well. A maca dose is one to three teaspoons of powdered maca mixed into one cup of water, juice or milk. Maca powder can also be put in foods like cereal or yogurt. Maca powder can be found at most herbalist shops and in capsule form. No significant side effects have been reported.

Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate juice has been used for years as a remedy for ED. Drinking one glass daily of pomegranate juice is recommended for the best results.

Saw Palmetto Extract

Taken from the saw palmetto palm native to America, saw palmetto extract has been found to produce profound effects in men suffering with enlarged prostate. Saw palmetto helps to improve the male urinary and reproductive system. Studies have found that saw palmetto also helps to lengthen the time of an erection as well. Saw palmetto works by inhibiting DHT, dihydrotestsoterone, conversion. DHT causes lowered libido.

Examining The Benefits Of Tongkat Ali

Native to Maylasia in Thailand and Indonesia, the tongkat ali tree has been known for many years as a highly beneficial remedy for sexual dysfunction and many other ailments as well. Tongkat ali has been found to help increase the production of the male hormone testosterone.

Not only does tongkat benefit ED, it also helps to fight bacteria and is a useful remedy for the condition malaria. Tongkat root is used for increasing energy levels and for aphrodisiac effects. All parts of the tongkat tree are used in remedies for various ailments by native people, making this tree medicinally exceptional.

Asian people use tongkat to combat ED. Tongkat has been compared to sildenafil. This herb is also thought to improve sperm production. Many athletes use this herb for improving muscle building and promoting greater strength. You should know that tongkat is also used to reduce fevers.

Cat’s Head, Tibulus Terrestris

Tribulis terrestris, also called cat’s head by some people, has been the herb of choice by many athletes since the seventies. Tribulus is known for increasing testosterone production. Increased testosterone helps to increase libido and energy. Tribulus benefits men suffering from hypogonadism due to its effect on testosterone production. Tribulus was used in ancient times as a remedy for infertility as well. Scientists have produced evidence proving the effectiveness of tribulus as a remedy for reproductive dysfunction. One great benefit of tribulus is it does not cause an over production of testosterone, thus allowing athletes to use it without letting on they have, unlike many of the steroids that are in circulation in many sports. Healthy testosterone levels promote rapid muscle recovery and help to prevent osteoporosis in males.

Be Smart When Choosing Herbal Remedies And Supplements

Even some natural remedies can be harmful, especially if you suffer from diabetes or heart disease or take some medications. Be sure to always discuss with your health care provider about any herbal formula or remedy you may be considering before doing so.

Alternative, Natural Treatments And Therapies

Sexual Dysfunction And Acupuncture

Acupuncture has been in practice by the Chinese for centuries. Acupuncture is based on realigning the qi, the body’s line of energy. When it comes to ED, you should know that in one study, thirty nine percent of men participating experienced better erections and improved libido. If you worry about the side effects of medication or unable to take herbal remedies, you might consider trying acupuncture for the improvement of ED symptoms.

Important Information To Consider About Herbal Remedies For ED

Dangerous blood pressure drops have been reported in some men taking herbal remedies for ED. The FDA has issued warnings about herbal remedies because they many of them have not been clinically tested for safety and effectiveness. many herbal remedies claiming to have effects similar to that of prescription drugs given for ED. These remedies claim these effects in some cases due to containing synthetic ingredients that could cause serious side effects in some men, especially those taking medications like nitrates for the heart.

Your Lifestyle Can Promote ED

  • If you are overweight, losing some extra pounds can help to decrease ED symptoms.

  • Exercising on a regular basis can also help you to regain normal sexual function.

  • Abusing drugs and/or alcohol can increase the risk of ED in addition to many other serious health conditions.

  • Talking to your partner about your feelings and gaining support can help to better deal with ED, allowing you to have a clearer emotional mindset. For many men, dissolving problems in their relationships can help to reduce ED symptoms.

Counseling Can Help

Depression, anxiety and stress can cause psychological issues that have been found to cause ED. talking to someone about the problems bothering you can help you to solve them, thus also solving your issue with sexual dysfunction as well. Men suffering with physical problems that cause ED can also suffer the same kind of mental stress and emotions that would make ED worse.

Your Diet Plays A Role In ED

The ingredients in the food you eat and in the beverages you drink can increase ED symptoms. For an erection occur, the blood vessels must secrete a normal level of nitric oxide (NO). Foods that are high in fats and sugars can cause a lowered production of NO, thus also causing it to be more challenging for you to obtain an erection.

Too much abdominal fat in men can increase the symptoms of ED as well. Too much abdominal increases the risk of resistance to insulin and inflammation. Being overweight also increase your risk of other diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

Avoiding foods that are high in saturated fats can reduce your risk of atherosclerosis, a condition describing plaque buildup on the walls of arteries and blood vessels. The penis requires a healthy blood flow to become erect. If you have compromised blood flow, your ability to erection can become compromised as well. Eating more foods that contains good fats is best. Olive oil does contain bad fats and can help reduce your intake of saturated fats when it used in place of the oils you normally eat.

Breaking the habit of sugar consumption can be hard. However, by choosing foods that are nutritionally good for you and using sugar substitutes, you can beat the addiction to sugar. Avoid juices and sodas, replacing them with water. Doing so can increase your level of good health and help you to decrease the symptoms of ED.

If you drink alcohol, choosing red wine over beer is a good idea. Beer contains maltose that the body rapidly converts to sugar, causing the risk of lowered No production. White wine is also a better choice than beer or drinks mixed with sugary substances. White wine is high in antioxidants.

Learn More About Which Foods Are Good For You

Vegetables containing antioxidants help to increase the production of NO, promoting relaxation of blood vessels in the penis so it can become filled with blood, thus producing a healthy erection. Several spices (turmeric is a tasty one), green teas, most berries, citrus fruits and chocolate contain high levels of beneficial antioxidants. Green vegetables contain nitrates that are also necessary for NO secretion.

Protein is also important to the production of NO. The body breaks down proteins to amino acids, essential for the healthy secretion of NO in blood vessels. L-arginine is one of the amino acids taken from proteins that work to support the NO secretion and production necessary for a healthy, firm erection. Provide your body with enough protein by eating dairy products, red meats, fish and poultry. For the man that is vegetarian, L-arginine supplements are available that can support this aspect of nutritional support for NO secretion. Two or three grams of L-citrulline or L-arginine daily can provide the recommended amounts of these amino acids. The amino acid L-citrulline is converted into L-arginine during absorption.

Electrolytes And Coconut Water

Potassium, magnesium and sodium are electrolytes your body requires for many aspects of healthy functioning, one important one being the transport of fluids through the body by muscle contraction. Healthy heart muscle contraction can support the diminishment of erectile dysfunction symptoms. The healthier your heart is, the better blood flow will be to your penis, thus reducing the symptoms of ED. Drinking coconut water every day helps to support cellular hydration and help to combat ED.

Increasing Blood Flow With Papaya

Adding papaya to your diet can add to your efforts to combat ED. Papaya is another good source of arginine, the amino acid that helps to increase healthy blood flow to the penis. You should know that sildenafil, the popular drug prescribe for ED, contain concentrated amounts of arginine.

Hydrogen Sulfide And Garlic

Research studies produced evidence that garlic acts a booster for hydrogen sulfide (H2S) production. H2S is a gas responsible for relaxing arteries and blood vessels, an important factor for a healthy erection to occur. The organosulfur compound allicin is also found in garlic. Allicin has been discovered effectively promote blood flow stimulation. The increases in blood flow and vessel relaxation is necessary for a healthy erection.

Vitamin E And ED

Heart functioning depends on a supply of essential nutrients. Foods containing vitamin E help to support healthy circulation and healthy heart functioning necessary for the blood flow to obtain an erection. Broccoli, peanuts, almonds, mango, spinach and wheat germ are excellent sources of vitamin E.

Leafy Green Vegetables And Beets Are High In Nitrates

Green vegetables like spinach and celery have been thought to increase healthy blood flow due to them containing nitrates. The same is also true about beets as well. In fact, the juice of beets has been discovered to contain extremely high levels of nitrates. Nitrates act as vasodilators in the body. Vasodilators are responsible for opening blood vessels, thus improving greater blood flow. You should know that before prescription medications were in production for ED, nitrates were an intricate part of treatment for ED.

Dark Chocolate Is Delicious And Helpful For ED Sufferers

Some men suffer with ED due to poor circulation problems. Studies have shown that the flavonoids in dark chocolate can improve circulation. Flavonoids are found in chocolate as antioxidants. Antioxidants help to protect cells from free radical damage that takes place during the process of oxidation. Flavonoids can be helpful in lowering blood pressure and for reducing cholesterol levels. High blood pressure and high cholesterol are both proven contributing factors to ED.

Another interesting fact about dark chocolate is its effect on the brain. The simple act of eating a food as smooth, creamy and intensely delicious as dark chocolate conjures up sensuality. However, there is a scientifically proven reason behind the effects of eating dark chocolate. Dark chocolate contains phenylethylamine, a compound that secretes similar endorphins as those activated by sex. Studies have shown that eating chocolate produces more stimulation than kissing.

For those men considering the health effects of dark chocolate, you should know that the bitterness in dark chocolate is due to the flavonols that provide antioxidants protection. If you worry about consuming too many calories while eating dark chocolate, choosing only products that contain seventy percent of cacao is best.

The Benefits of Oysters And Other Kinds Of Shellfish

Most everyone has heard about the aphrodisiac effects of oysters. Oysters contain high amounts of zinc, a mineral that is necessary for health testosterone production. Low testosterone levels have been found to contribute to ED. One study discovered evidence that shellfish eaten raw causes the stimulation of sex hormones in males and females.

Watermelon Can Help Increase Antioxidant Protection

Watermelons contain high levels of phytonutrients in addition to lycopene, citrulline (converts to L-arginine during absorption) and beta carotene. Phytonutrients are antioxidants, thus leading researchers to believe they can have a profound effect on ED. The blood vessel relaxation caused by antioxidants can help to improve blood flow to the penis. Eating watermelon not only provides a great source of water, it can also provide you with nutrients beneficial for enjoying your sex life.

Phytonutrients In Tomatoes

Tomatoes and other red fruits like grapefruits contain a phytonutrient called lycopene. Lycopene has been found to be helpful for blood circulation improvement and for sexual dysfunction issues like ED. Mixing tomatoes with oily vegetables like spinach or avocados can help improve lycopene absorption. Researchers also find that lycopene has a role in combatting prostate cancer and infertility problems.

Strawberries And The Color Red

For many people, red is thought to be a sexy color. Studies done involving men viewing women on different colored background led to some interesting results. Most men reported of all the colors they saw a woman’s image against, the most attractive woman was on a red background. These men also reported they would spend more money on the woman that was against a red background. However, there is more to the color red and it can be found in red strawberries.

Strawberries are high in vitamin C, one of the strongest known antioxidants. They are also high in folate, a potent and important B vitamin. Vitamin C is thought to have beneficial effects on libido. Consider dining on strawberries dipped in chocolate with your partner and the powerful benefits they could have on your evening. Blackberries and blue berries produce many of the same benefits as well. Blueberries and blackberries are thought to benefit circulation and blood vessel relaxation in the same way as prescription drugs for ED. These berries are also thought to help the buildup of cholesterol on the walls of arteries by improving the digestive process for taking cholesterol out of the body. Smoothies using berries can be a delicious way to fight vascular issues and ED.

Soy Beans And Soy Sauce

The amino acid L-arginine is in soy beans can help to improve circulation, thus increasing better blood flow essential for obtaining an erection. Soy beans have been discovered to provide beneficial nutrition for the prostate as well. A healthy prostate is necessary for a healthy reproductive system. Eating greens with soy cause on them can provide excellent nutritional support for helping you to fight ED.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids Found In Fatty Fish

A lot of research has gone into the health benefits surrounding omega-3 fatty acids. fatty fish like mackerel and salmon are found to contain high levels of omega-3 fatty acids like EPA and DHA. These fatty acids are fou8nd to increase dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter responsible for you experiencing pleasure, including that of sexual arousal. By eating more fatty fish that contain EPA and DHA, you not only increase good heart health, you also increase your chances of experiencing greater sexual enjoyment. Omega-3 fatty acids are also beneficial in other ways like fighting blood clots and reducing the risk of heart arrhythmias. These fatty acids promote healthier brain functioning while also helping to protect the brain from dementia. Fish are also high in the amino acid L-arginine that has been found to support the secretion of nitric oxide, necessary for the occurrence of a healthy erection. Including salmon, sardines and mackerel in your diet is great way to improve your health and remedy ED.

Benefits Of Drinking Tea

Catechin is an antioxidant in several kinds of tea. Catechins are beneficial for healthier blood flow in the whole body, thus increasing brain functioning (mood, memory and focus) and sex drive. Green tea contains polyphenol catechins, epigallocatechin (ECGC), that have been proven to effective at fat burning. Weight loss can help to eliminate ED in men that are obese. However, adding sugar to your tea can be detrimental to the health benefits it provides. In fact, drinking teas of any kind with a great deal of sugar can lower endorphin production in the brain, thus causing high risk of depression and loss of sex drive. Drinking unsweetened, freshly brewed green tea daily, from two to five cups, can enhance good mood, another important factor related to a healthy sex life. Bear in mind that drinks containing high fructose corn syrup can have devastating effects on the body by causing diabetes and severe obesity. Drinking beverages like sodas on a long term basis has been proven to cause diabetes in many individuals.

Beneficial Fruits

Studies have shown that the men taking in 200mg daily of vitamin C have better sperm count and greater motility. This study was conducted with participants that were reported to have low sperm counts and as heavy smokers as well. The men taking one thousand milligrams of vitamin C daily showed remarkable results in improved sperm count. Vitamin C supplementation also helped to improve male fertility issues. Men were able to produce sperm that did get their partners pregnant after only sixty days of vitamin C supplementation. However, eating fruits like oranges, lemons, grapefruit and peaches can also provide vitamin C.

Nutritional Benefits Of Eggs

Eggs (whites and yolks) have been touted to be a superior source of protein, even more so than red meats like beef. Eggs are excellent sources of vitamins B5, B6 and B12. B vitamins have been proven to help balance hormones and giving the body what it needs to better handle stress. Eating eggs daily can help to improve libido as well. In a weight study, amazing results were produced. The dieters that ate eggs at breakfast lost a great deal more weight in an eight week period than those dieters that had only a bagel for breakfast each day for eight weeks. One reason for these results is eggs are completely used as important proteins while bagels contain starches the body turns to sugars.

Meats and Red Wine

Research has produced evidence supporting the fact that red wine can benefit those men suffering with ED. Red wine contain high levels of protective antioxidants that have been found to promote blood vessel relaxation, thus increasing blood flow to the penis. Alcohol in red wine can produce the same effect. However, too much alcohol can have reversed effects, causing you to be unable to perform during a sexual encounter. For those men that do not drink alcoholic beverages, drinking dark grape juice can be helpful to obtain the beneficial antioxidant benefits for improved blood flow.

Lean cuts of red meat contain zinc. Zinc inhibits the production of prolactin, a hormone that at high levels can create sexual dysfunction issues. The mineral zinc is also essential for building greater muscle mass as well. The levels of conjugated linoleic acids in lean cuts of beef can increase weight loss. Be sure to choose the leanest cuts of meat like filet mignon or tenderloin.

Nuts And Seeds Are Highly Nutritional

With all the information floating around about how cholesterol is bad for you, you may not be aware of the important role cholesterol plays in the functioning of sex hormones. Nuts and seeds like walnuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and almonds contain monounsaturated fats that are essential to the creation of good cholesterol. Nuts and seeds are also a great source of fiber and protein as well.

Pistachios are especially beneficial. Pistachios can help to reduce triglycerides by ten points and can also reduce LDL, bad cholesterol, levels by sixteen points. Brazil nuts provide great nutritional value because of their selenium content. Researchers have found that selenium can help to prevent prostate and colon cancer. Of all the nuts you can eat, pecans are the ones with greatest level of antioxidants. Eating foods with antioxidants provides you with greater immunity in addition to enhanced blood flow due to blood vessel relaxation. Nuts like almonds and walnuts help to lower LDL cholesterol levels and help to increase healthy blood clotting due to containing a compound called lipoprotein. Medical professionals have reported that sunflower seeds are the best source for high levels of antioxidants.

The Additional Proteins Provided By Beans

Maintaining a healthy weight is easier when you also maintain an adequate daily intake of proteins. No other food promotes healthier and more beneficial digestion than those with high levels of proteins. Proteins increase muscle mass and helps to slow down the effects of aging on muscle tissue as well. As far as your sex life, if you eat more proteins and maintain a healthy weight and exercise regularly, you will look a lot better without clothing. Adding beans to your diet can be a great way to get additional proteins without eating too many meats and eggs. Choose navy beans, kidney beans, black beans and garbanzos for experiencing the greatest muscle building benefits.

People that eat beans are found to be thinner in the waist and to have lower blood pressure readings. Eating three quarters of a cup of beans every day can help you to have lower blood pressure and less abdominal fat as well. The soluble fiber in beans is effective at reducing cholesterol, thus increasing your chances for a healthier heart and circulation. Red kidney beans contain three grams of fiber in a one quarter cup serving in addition to over six thousand antioxidants. High in potassium, navy beans help to control blood pressure and muscle contractions in the heart.

Whole Grains Like Oatmeal

L-arginine is essential for an erection to occur. Oatmeal, brown rice, whole grain breads and barley contain L-arginine, the amino acid that promotes blood vessel relaxation that allows great blood flow to the penis. Another benefit of oats and whole grains is how your body metabolizes them. Whole grains and pats are digested slowly and do not increase blood sugar levels.

Changing your lifestyle and diet can help to erase the symptoms of ED. Eating more fresh vegetables and fruits can promote greater overall health while also reducing ED symptoms. Avoiding foods high in fats, sugars and sodium is important to become free of ED symptoms as well. If you smoke, quitting can help you to have healthier blood circulation and more oxygen to your brain and other vital organs. Poor circulation and blood flow is a direct cause of ED, so taking steps to care for your heart and blood vessels is important.

Signs It Is Time To Seek Medical Advice For ED

Make an appointment to visit your health care provider if:

  • You and your partners are experiencing any form of sexual dysfunction

  • You are seeing symptoms not in concordance with ED

  • You have health conditions like heart disease or diabetes that can cause ED

ED can produce side effects like:

  • Unhealthy anxiety and stress

  • Lowered self-esteem

  • Embarrassment that can create more stress and anxiety

  • Stressful, dissatisfying sex life

  • Problems in your relationships or marriage

  • Infertility

Learning To Deal And Live With ED

ED creates emotional turbulence that can have a devastating effect on you and your spouse or partner. However, there are ways to overcome the painful reality of ED so you both can enjoy one another intimately.

  • Always remember that the act of sex is not just about having an orgasm. The intimacy and understanding of your partner can produce a warm, enduring sensual feeling that enhances your intimacy.

  • Talking to your spouse or partner about your fears related to ED can help a lot to dispel them.

  • A great benefit of discussing ED with your spouse or partner is it helps you to avoid becoming angry and depressed about it.

  • Learning to manage the stress in your life can help a great deal to reduce your symptoms of ED. Stress causes the body to suffer illness and discord like sexual dysfunction.

  • Never avoid your spouse or partner because you feel inadequate because it could create worsening relationship issues. Always include your spouse or partner in your feelings and you may be pleasantly surprised at the outcome of doing so.

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