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Spectral.F7 - Efficacy booster agent for hair

Spectral.F7 - Efficacy booster agent for hair
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Now men and women in treatment for thinning hair can add astressin-B, a complex new peptide, to maximize hair-follicle benefits, because Spectral.F7 is the first solution to incorporate this protein fragment for human use in a topical booster agent. Spectral.F7 augments primary therapies like Spectral.DNC-N® or minoxidil, and it can serve as an effective stand-alone treatment in early stages of thinning.

In a recent clinical trial, the astressin-B peptide:

    Blocks receptors for corticotropin-releasing factor, involved in the stress response, in laboratory animals.Read more
    Influences hair health when stress hormones are over-expressed.Read more
    Performs well as a stand-alone therapy to treat stress-induced cases.


Results from the trial mean that astressin-B offers a powerful new mechanism of action to treat atrophic follicles.

As other brands begin their research into this powerful peptide technology, DS Laboratories offers an astressin-B topical booster today.

Men and women using various therapies add this efficacy booster agent

Spectral.F7 astressin-B topical solution is indicated in the treatment of thinning hair and for overall improvement of hair and scalp health.

This efficacy booster agent is added to the treatment programs of men and women who already use a primary hair-follicle therapy, like Spectral.DNC-N® or minoxidil, when they want to optimize benefits.

Use of the booster is recommended to help combat thinning and improve follicular health. It works through a unique mechanism of action, which may not be addressed by minoxidil, finasteride, or other hair-growth agents.

In early stages of thinning, Spectral.F7 can serve as an effective stand-alone treatment.

Complex new astressin-B peptide delivers 33 amino acids to hair follicles

Users concerned about hair thinning gain a unique advantage from Spectral.F7, because this product is the first topical booster developed for human use to deploy the evolutionary peptide astressin-B.

This 33-amino-acid protein fragment has an acetylated N-terminus, an amidated C-terminus, and a lactam bridge containing the amino acids methylleucine, norleucine, D-phenylalanine, leucine, threonine, histidine, arginine, glutamate, glutamine, valine, alanine, lysine, isoleucine, and others.

Formation of the amide bond on the C-terminus is achieved by using a Rink amide resin, which is the solid support and starting point for peptide synthesis. Completion of synthesis and subsequent cleavage from the resin leaves the C-terminus with an amide bond intact.

Additional components of Spectral.F7 include Proharin-β4 (octapeptide 2), bis(tripeptide-1) copper acetate, and lecithin used in Nanosome encapsulation for enhanced absorption.

To be effective, ingredients must be absorbed deeply, predictably, in the right concentrations, and they must remain on site long enough to perform. Among the many innovations delivered by Spectral.F7, Nanosome encapsulation accomplishes these objectives.

Nanosome technology wraps pure active compounds within tiny liposomal microspheres made of phospholipid bilayers that have a composition similar to human scalp.

While standard products remain on the surface and dissipate quickly, Nanosomes mean that Spectral.F7 can penetrate the scalp deeply and release ingredients gradually.

So users benefit from maximum performance over a 12-hour period.

Astressin-B blocks CRF receptors to overcome stress-induced cases

The science of hair growth now focuses on astressin-B because breaking studies show the complex peptide prevents hair loss and generates new hair growth when injected in laboratory animals.

While its exact mechanism of action is not fully elucidated, the peptide (protein fragment) is believed to exert its therapeutic effects as a broad-spectrum, non-selective antagonist of corticotropin releasing factor (CRF). Astressin-B acts to block CRF receptors.

Spectral.F7, the first booster containing astressin-B, can be used in conjunction with other treatments, such as Spectral.DNC-N® or minoxidil, since it performs through a discrete modality. With an excellent profile of efficacy, astressin-B can be used either to enhance a primary treatment for a broader approach to therapy or as a stand-alone treatment in the early stages of thinning.

A 2010 clinical study employed mice that were genetically predisposed to stress. The trials demonstrated in-vivo that when CRF was overexpressed, as typically happened during times of stress, hair fell out. While the stress model of hair thinning has been debated for decades, this new research presents the best evidence yet that stress may indeed be a factor.

In the study, astressin-B was injected intraperitoneally for five days. Within two weeks, the treated mice regained hair coverage, which lasted for at least four months post treatment. Researchers observed that hair follicles morphed from telogen (resting) to anagen (growth) phases.

Another revelation was that astressin-B acted prophylactically to prevent hair loss in young mice that received the peptide. These effects have not yet been studied in humans, and the mechanism of action in humans is not yet known.

Beyond astressin-B, the key compounds in Spectral.F7 include:

• Amino acids to speed growth, increase diameter of the hair shaft, and stimulate keratin production,

• Proharin-ß4 to activate hair-follicle stem cells, apply antiaging properties, and prolong the lives of skin cells.

• Copper peptides to stimulate growth and keratin production, increase diameter of the hair shaft, and oppose aging and inflammation.

Today’s pioneering research into astressin-B may mean tomorrow’s big breakthrough in restoration technology. Meanwhile, this promising peptide is available today in Spectral.F7.

Apply 10 sprays once per day as a booster or twice per day as a primary treatment

To enhance a primary therapy like Spectral.DNC-N® or minoxidil, apply 10 sprays of Spectral.F7 and massage it into the scalp after your regular morning treatment or before your regular evening treatment. Wait at least 10 minutes between products.

To use Spectral.F7 as a stand-alone therapy, usually in the early onset of thinning, apply it both morning and evening.

Spectral.F7 is for topical use only.

Peptides like astressin-B enjoy exceptional safety profiles

No safety issues are anticipated for Spectral.F7 topical solution because peptides, which are well tolerated and used widely in cosmetics, simply break down into their constituent amino acids.

With a safety profile similar to those of other peptides, astressin-B should be tolerated just as well.

Astressin-B is a long-chain peptide with 33 amino acids including methylleucine, norleucine, D-phenylalanine, leucine, threonine, histidine, arginine, glutamate, glutamine, valine, alanine, lysine, and isoleucine.

The exceptional history of peptides performing safely in topical solutions means that users can add Spectral.F7 without concern for side effects.

So hair restoration can be optimized with just a few sprays.


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